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Community Room



That RENTER agrees to comply with the rules below:

1. The community rooms are available for the following time slots: 

8:00 AM – 12 PM, 12:30 – 5:00 PM, and 5:30 – 10 PM. 

2. If you have the room rented for Friday, Saturday or Sunday – you must pay and pick the key up the business week prior to your reservation during business hours. They key must be returned by Thursday at 5 PM the following business week. 

3. Failure to return the key by Thursday at 5 PM the following business week will result in losing your $25.00 Security Deposit. The key may be dropped in the rent drop box. 

4. The Community Room Rental does not include the pool.

5. Guests may not enter through front doors for Country Estates – guests must enter through community room side door. 

6. No Alcohol is allowed on the premises. 

7. No confetti, no tacks, tape, balloons etc. shall be left on the walls or ceilings

8. No Nails shall be used on the walls.

9. Tables and Chairs must be wiped down and then stacked. Upon leaving, tables and chairs shall be stacked.

10. The room and hallway for the bathrooms must be vacuumed or swept. 

11. Bathrooms Counters & Walls must be wiped down and all trash picked up and removed. 

12. Upon leaving, all trash will be bagged and transported into the large dumpsters.

13. Upon leaving, all personal items, are to be removed from the premise or they be thrown away or donated to a local charity. 

14. Upon leaving, all interior lights shall be turned off and the doors shall be locked.

15. Upon leaving all items shall be removed from the refrigerator and the refrigerator wiped down. 

16. Stove, Microwave and kitchen counters shall be cleaned and wiped down. 

17. Upon Leaving please check to make sure all burners on the stove are off and the oven is turned off. 

18. RENTER shall handle any other items in disarray, which may include, but are not limited to; e.g. vomit accidents, excessive amounts of trash inside the banquet halls or outside in parking lot, numerous decorations on premises, etc. 

The RENTER understands the hall is a non-smoking and shall NOT allow anyone to smoke or drink in the banquet rooms, hallways, kitchen, or bathrooms. A violation of this rule will impose a $200 fine to the RENTER.


RENTER agrees to be billed for any infraction(s) of the aforementioned Community Room Rules at a rate of $25.00 per man-hour of extra work (except for the non-smoking fine which is $200) until resolved (one-hour minimum charge).